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Subject: Aurora Alerts (UK]
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sisfreak2017 31.05.17 - 07:23pm
Here in uk ive subscribed to this Free Email Aurora Activity Alert via e-mail good.GIF
you can also use some social messaging options
With the Following link http://// https
Doing such via email several years ago hasn't fill my inbox with loads crap only aurrora alerts its just Genuine n helpful.

aurora-borealis-3.jpg *

sisfreak2017 31.05.17 - 07:24pm
if your not on uk dont despiresad.GIF

Our Friends in the South Nice Australian people's
Try subscribe from here
http://// https

Northern European people's
cool.GIF [IMG]
Please Try Here *

sisfreak2017 31.05.17 - 07:24pm
Sorry to our friends nearer the Equator, perhaps youll get them during polar transition ????? *

sisfreak2017 31.05.17 - 07:28pm
if the First HTTPS Link doesnt work please try the following full visable Link *

sisfreak2017 31.05.17 - 07:30pm
likewise Our friends in the Southern hemisphere link
http://[LINK] [LINK] *

sisfreak2017 31.05.17 - 07:33pm
And Northern Europe Full Link
meteor.GIF .
. *

sisfreak2017 31.05.17 - 07:40pm
likewise Our friends in the Southern hemisphere A 2nd attempt for a full link

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