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Star SpaceWatch
Watch this space!

Group Founder: obi_jon
Description: A group for all stargazers, astronomers, astrophysicists, Jedi and all dark matters, boom boom! A little physics joke there, just to set the mood! Quantum theorists welcome, ufo conspiracy theorists not as much (meteorite)!
Group Type: Public join
Members: 128
Category: Picture Groups > Nature

Topics (12)

go What is the space? (3) imran.98
What is the space

go Aurora Alerts (UK] (6) sisfreak2017
Here in uk ive subscribed to this Free Email Aurora Activity Alert via e-mail good.gifyou can also use some social messaging options With the Following link [LINK]

go Astronomy Apps and Equipment Reviews (6) shadow27
Stellarium: got it on my notebook now, quite good.. Has starlore associated with the constellations: Western, Chinese, Egyptian, Inuit, Korean, Lakota, Maori, Navajo, Norse, Polynesian, Sami (indigeno...

go Comet watch. (2) obi_jon
Just like waiting for a bus, you wait ages for a comet to arrive and then 2 come along at once. Comet ISON and Comet Lovejoy are both now rated as 'naked eye' visible objectshyper.gif. I was hampered by...

go Upcoming events (22) obi_jon
What will we be able to see soon?

go Telescopes and a quick hello (2) schorhr
Hello everyone, I'm new here, my name's Marcus, I live in Germany now and and I'm into astronomy for close to three years now.After visiting an observatory and seeing Saturn with my own eyes, I had to...

go Group Help (7) obi_jon
I clearly have no clue what i'm doing here, this is my 1st group, advice please? Moderators etc, i've set Mordant as one already so behavedont.gif

go ISS Watch (3) obi_jon
Had to re-start this topic due to some pointless muppet flooding it. Some decent ISS pass times over the UK at the moment. Pity about the weathergrumpy2.gif

go Sightings (8) obi_jon
What have you seen?

go Vivid imaginations (0) obi_jon
One for the alien.gifconspiracy theorists and Comet Elenin fans meteor.gif!

go Space Jokes (6) obi_jon
What it says! lol.gif

go Thinking big (6) obi_jon
One for the theorists!

Photos (12)

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Files (2)

1 Ursa Major. The Great Bear/Big Dipper.
2 Finding Polaris 'the north star'

Polls (2)

go CERN's faster than light speed neutrino results will be proved?
go Extra terrestrial life?

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