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Subject: Group Help
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obi_jon 10.09.11 - 09:04am
I clearly have no clue what i'm doing here, this is my 1st group, advice please? Moderators etc, i've set Mordant as one already so behavedont.GIF *

obi_jon 27.09.11 - 12:13pm
Ok. I see i'm on my own with this then. Lol. beee.GIF *

obi_jon 14.03.12 - 11:52am
I still say this group was a good ideayes.GIF. Any astronuts still interested? *

cuddlyx 11.04.12 - 09:33pm
Yes! This group is a fab idea! We need a Science forum me thinks in general :)

veronee 23.06.12 - 12:15am
is a resident astronomer, astro photographer and soon to be radio telescope owner once i have built it. nice to see others interested in space and the outer frontiers *

obi_jon 25.06.12 - 09:39pm
Really veronee, you do this for a living? As you appear to be by far the most qualified and indeed only candidate, i'd be happy to make you a group moderator. *

veronee 10.07.12 - 11:12pm
i do not mind offering advice and info/ideas to the forum/groups. modding i done that along time ago, but feel free to ask away and i will try my best to explain/offer info and advice on astro topics and the photography side *

obi_jon 10.09.13 - 07:43am
Not been in here for a while, I see we have some new memberswelcome.GIF. Nobody seems to have posted much though or anything at all in fact. Come on guys and gals, feel free to post any space and science stuff you like. I had hoped the group would run itself. *

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