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Subject: Thinking big
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obi_jon 9.09.11 - 05:31pm
One for the theorists! *

obi_jon 12.09.11 - 12:48pm
Unified string theory. Discuss. *

l2ed 13.09.11 - 03:54pm
so does everyone believe the big bang caused the universe? personally i dont, its hard to believe that a single spack caused all this we have now, what was here before then? nothing? if there was nothing here there was still a universe as it would have been a void space? *

l2ed 13.09.11 - 03:54pm
spark lol.GIF *

obi_jon 13.09.11 - 06:44pm
Inter-dimentional maybe? dontknow.GIF One theory proposes an infinite number of, for want of the correct terminology, 'universal energy plains' sort of hanging loosely like the pages of a book, swaying in the cosmic breeze. The theory hypothesised that occasionly these 'plains' collide and just such an event was responsible for what we now call 'The Big Bang'. *

obi_jon 20.10.11 - 02:20am
The correct term is 'branes', short for 'universal membranes', our universe is one brane existing in 3 of the proposed 12 dimensions that other branes are believed to exist. These other branes make up what string theorists are calling the 'universal mass' consisting of all the things the maths tell us, well tells them at least, what must be there but we cannot see, yes our old mate dark matter. *

obi_jon 20.10.11 - 02:30am
I am starting to think of the so called 'big bang' as nothing of the such. I now look at it as a big fart. The stumbling block with the big bang is always what was there beforehand. 'No such thing as nothing' they all shout. Well think of the nothing as everything and the universe expanding inside it like a bubble. meditate.GIF *

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