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Subject: What is the space?
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imran.98 22.03.14 - 06:57pm
What is the space *

warded 9.05.18 - 05:19pm
Dark matter and a lack of oxygen *

sisfreak2017 18.05.18 - 09:06pm
i Really shouldn't reply anything !

the space is what's between my ears.
Is .
Please dont bu m me *

obi_jon 19.06.18 - 10:01am
For the purposes of this group, 'Space' is defined as 'the universe' and anything relating to the observation, exploration and scientific study of the things within it'. So anything to do with Astronomy, Astrophysics, Quantum/Particle Physics, Astrochemistry, Spaceflight and all related matter*.

* - bad puns and a sense of humour are optional but strongly encouraged.good.GIF *

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