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Subject: Telescopes and a quick hello
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schorhr 6.11.13 - 09:11pm
Hello everyone, I'm new here, my name's Marcus, I live in Germany now and and I'm into astronomy for close to three years now.
After visiting an observatory and seeing Saturn with my own eyes, I had to get my own telescope. I wasn't aware that even inexpensive amateur telescopes can show planets and galaxies.

Better late then never!

The hobby has fascinated me on many levels, both the amazing things to see and the whole technical mambo-jambo is very interesting as well.

So what telescopes is everyone using, if any?
The usual small Tasco / Tchibo / Lidl department-store telescope, perhaps later a dobsonian?

I started with a used 76/700 reflector - best 20 bucks ever spent. But I was not immune to aperture fever, so I soon bought a 10 telescope...

I've read in the other threat that Veronee uses a Heritage 130p, great portable scope. I actually bought one as it's much easier to carry around and set up for quick observing sessions.

For some reason not apparent to me (as newbie-prodigits user) I can't view past the first page of the Equipment Reviews-Thread... Empty pages.

As I am still studying education and now volunteering at a local school now, Astronomy, 3D printing and StopMotion, I collected a bunch of telescopes to use with kids.

A 60mm and two 70mm refractor, two 76mm reflectors, two firstscope/heritage dobsonians (76/300), Five 5 Dobsonians (self built mounts), the Heritage 130p, a 10 Sumerian Optics travel dobsonian...
Boy it's a load to pack and carry around.

With the kids I've built telescopes out of reading glasses and jeweler's magnifying glasses.
It's amazing what's possible for a dollar.
Those telescopes show andromeda, star clusters, Jupiter's moons... Not bad!

But even with bare eyes I wonder how I have missed all the amazing things in the sky all these years.

So what are you observing with?

Ciao! *

obi_jon 6.11.13 - 11:03pm
The blank pages were the result of a flooding attack a while back, i've sorted it now. I'm currently reliant on a pair of 10x50 bins, I have a 6inch refractor scope but it's currently out of action as both the tripod mount and focusing mechanism are broken.sad.GIF *

schorhr 7.11.13 - 05:08pm
I have 10x50 bins as well, best thing I ever bought :-)
A 6 refractor? Wow, one of these days I'dd like a larger refractor as well.

Good luck fixing it! *

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