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Subject: ISS Watch
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obi_jon 20.10.12 - 07:29am
Had to re-start this topic due to some pointless muppet flooding it. Some decent ISS pass times over the UK at the moment. Pity about the weathergrumpy2.GIF *

flashbus 21.03.13 - 03:42am
not sure if this is any use but it shows where the iss currently is using google earth ,hit the setting tab and you can set to show other satellites *

obi_jon 21.03.13 - 03:33pm
Not working on mobile, maybe on pc/laptop. *

flashbus 21.03.13 - 06:55pm
yes its work best in pc but i did try it in windows phone 7.8 and symbian3 default browsers and worked fine *

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