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Subject: Astronomy Apps and Equipment Reviews
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shadow27 10.09.11 - 02:29pm
Stellarium: got it on my notebook now, quite good.. Has starlore associated with the constellations: Western, Chinese, Egyptian, Inuit, Korean, Lakota, Maori, Navajo, Norse, Polynesian, Sami (indigenous scandinavians in other words) Tupi-Guarani. So u get an idea of how other people in the past grouped stars together. *

shadow27 10.09.11 - 02:33pm
popcorn.GIF this is awesome. I'm seeing all Chinese constellations. Omg I feel like a nerd.GIF facepalm.GIF *

shadow27 10.09.11 - 02:43pm
omg.GIF i just zoomed into jupiter and it isn't just a dot it's a picture of the planet. Then i zoomed into Europa, a moon of Jupiter, and it's a picture of that. Great detail.. *

obi_jon 6.04.12 - 01:09pm
I couldn't get Stellarium to work but just seen it on someone elses and it is very good. 2thumbsup.GIF *

veronee 23.06.12 - 12:21am
stellarium is good, also skymap for android rocks, hold up phone and bam the skys full of interesting subjects. deepsky stacker and registax are two awesome sets of software for stacking video/images to gain hi res photographs. both are my main tools of the astro trade. i own a cheap entry DSLR a couple converted point an shoot cameras ( nebula in infra red) and two scopes a baby dobson 3 inch reflecting, and a larger 4.5 inch reflecting newtonian. i also hacked a HD microsoft webcam for video capture using Sharpcap ( controls webcams and settings) *

veronee 10.07.12 - 11:19pm
Sky watcher heritage 76 and 130.
aimed at the younger and newcomer these two scopes are ideal. very simple to use wooden base and s y telescope tube. the 76 will give you very good moon images and globular clusters. the 130mm will give you saturn and the more distant objects like galaxy's nebulas and fantastic planetary views. raning from 40 - 135 they are low range priced scopes for the younger and new astronomers out there. *

bigscoop 1.01.14 - 09:25pm
WorldWide Telescope Eclipse


From web to desktop to full dome
planetarium, WorldWide Telescope
(WWT) enables you to explore the

universe, bringing together imagery
from the best ground and space-based
telescopes in the world and combining it with 3D navigation. Experience

narrated guided tours from
astronomers and educators featuring
interesting places in the sky. You can research and import your own data and

visualize it, then create a tour to share
with others. A web-based version of WorldWide
Telescope is also available. This version
enables seamless, guided explorations
of the universe from within a web

browser on PC and Intel Mac OS X by
using the power of HTML5 or Silverlight.

Windows installer 95mb

For mac users use the web client *

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