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Subject: Sightings
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obi_jon 9.09.11 - 05:29pm
What have you seen? *

obi_jon 10.09.11 - 08:43am
I saw the nova at least I think thats what it was, nowt flash or indeed anything like one! Also several satellites, Jupiter and moon Io, it was hard to tell with freehanded binocs! It looked sort of like this, O. then a bit later like this, .O I'm claiming it as a 'spot' anyways! Saw a couple of meteor.GIF shooting stars! *

obi_jon 12.09.11 - 06:42am
Clouds. Again. rage.GIF *

obi_jon 17.10.11 - 08:34pm
And again rainy.GIF *

veronee 10.07.12 - 11:23pm
venus transit across the suns face. i also have filtering that lets me view sunspots and allows me to image them. ISS lots of times, 2 iridium flare satellites, and a bat crossing an imaging session of the moon. *

eyelash2 27.08.12 - 01:55pm
saw the meteor when was at bempton, in march, that looked amazing, seen ufo's locally and heaps of shooting stars *

eyelash2 21.10.12 - 02:44am
the shooting stars have looked amazing this year when the sky been clear to see them. seen a couple of satellites crossing the skies too. is it just me or are some of the planets already in alignment? they appear to be when looking across the sky at them :/ *

obi_jon 17.03.13 - 12:15pm
Spent an hour on a wold top looking for comet panstarrs t'other night. Knew exactly where to look and had perfect clear skies but saw nowt, not even with a decent pair of bins. *

eyelash2 17.03.13 - 12:32pm
Me either frm various spots around the east riding and north yorks. So dissapointed. At least we may get2 see the 1 in november! *

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