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Subject: Upcoming events
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obi_jon 9.09.11 - 05:26pm
What will we be able to see soon? *

obi_jon 21.09.11 - 07:08pm
The comet Garradd is expected to reach magnitude 8 this month, meaning it should be easily visible through small telescopes and even binoculars. The comet which is in such an obscure orbit that this will probably be its one and only visit to this region of space. Perihelion, the comets closest passage of the sunsunny.GIFwill occur on Dec 23rd and its closest passage to Earth, a mere 117.7million miles away, will be on march 5th 2012. Scientists are quitely confident that Garradd will become a magnitude 6, or naked eye object sometime in february. *

reebok32 21.09.11 - 09:16pm
I hope its a nice spectacular 1 pray.GIF the last decent 1 I remember woz halle boppe and remember as a kid seein haleys comet

obi_jon 28.09.11 - 11:01am
Another satellite is due to fall out of orbit in November. More details as and when I can find any! searching.GIF *

obi_jon 2.10.11 - 02:44pm
October is a relatively busy month for meteor.GIF, with not one but two minor meteor showers. The Draconids and the Orionids. The latter, appearing to eminate from the constellation of Orion, is a weak shower that will peak 21/22oct with an approx max intensity of 10-20/hour. The Draconids however may prove to be a lot more interesting. *

obi_jon 2.10.11 - 03:05pm
The Draconid shower is usually another 'weak' 10-20/hr shower but occasionly is much more spectacular. The shower occurs when the earth passes through a trail of debri left behind by the comet 21P/Giacobini-Zimmer. Nobody can predict exactly how intense the shower will be but in 1952, 1985 and 1998 it reached a count of 100's per hour and in the great meteor storms of 1933 and 1946 it is said the count exceeded 10,000 per hour!!! As luck would have it, scientists believe the earth is due to pass through the same high density debri patch it did in 33 and 46! hyper.GIF *

obi_jon 2.10.11 - 03:35pm
It will peak in intensity on Oct 8th, just 3 days before the full moon on the 12th, dislike.GIF so viewing conditions will be less than ideal! strawfox2.GIF *

obi_jon 6.10.11 - 09:06am
Weather forcast not good grumpy2.GIF *

obi_jon 7.11.11 - 03:26pm
Leonidmeteor.GIFshower will peak on Nov 18th but the rate is expected to be quite low this year, just 10-15per hour, not helped by a waning moon. *

obi_jon 7.11.11 - 03:29pm
sunny.GIFPartial solar eclipse on Nov25th. Best views from Antarctica but visible from South Africa, Tasmania and New Zealand. *

vlad_11 9.06.12 - 09:47pm
theres a lunar eclipse later this year november i think *

obi_jon 10.06.12 - 04:28am
Yesgood.GIF, it's in november. There was one a few days ago on Jun 4th but I didn't know about it and it wasn't visible in the uk anyway. *

veronee 19.11.12 - 10:19am
Possible M or X class solar flares over the next 48hrs. there is a 20% to 60% chance of solar flares from coronal mass ejections (CME). we have a counted 56 sunspots of differing sizes over the suns surface with one positive and two negative magnetic areas that could form coronal holes.

as usual please never look at the sun Without Using the Correct SOLAR Filtering and equipment. *

obi_jon 19.11.12 - 06:42pm
xsunlvrx2.GIFThere has been constant sun spot activity this year with zero sunspot free days recorded so far. There were only 2 spot free days last year as opposed to 50+ days in 2010 and 200+ days in 2009. *

obi_jon 17.03.13 - 12:22pm
If you're luckier than me, there is still a chance to see comet panstarrs throughout march. If we miss out on panstarrs there is a much better chance of seeing comet ISON which is due later this year. Some predictions say that ISON could be so bright that it will be visible even during the daytime.hyper.GIF *

18reger 5.11.13 - 09:34am
Indias mission to the Mars. Live coverage here : *

obi_jon 6.11.13 - 12:14pm
Comet ISON may reach naked eye brightness in the next fortnightcrossfinger.GIF. *

rody9499 6.11.13 - 12:44pm
cool *

atefe7172 6.11.13 - 07:51pm
Smile of sun *

obi_jon 9.11.13 - 06:05am
Busy month for meteor showers. Starting tonight and peaking on the
11th and 12th we have the North Taurids. Typically a low intensity
shower of approx 5-10 an hour but often these are large fireball type
meteors so even seeing one can be quite spectacular. Midnight until
dawn is the best viewing time. Look east. Northern hemisphere only. *

atefe7172 9.11.13 - 11:41am
Real peace o *

rody9499 10.11.13 - 05:59pm
coool *

atefe7172 10.11.13 - 07:02pm
True judj true peace nd again smile of sun : -) *

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